Chicago Neighborhoods Map

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About the Map

This map overlays boundaries for Chicago’s 228 neighborhoods on a Google Map. Click on a neighborhood to view its name and a link to its corresponding Wikipedia page.


Load this map in Google Earth or download the KML source.

Data Source & Licensing

This map is based on GIS data from the City of Chicago. It's been reformatted for optimized display on a Google Map.

The resulting KML source data is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. This means that you're free to use the data from this map as you wish, but credit to either Kevin Zolkiewicz or this web site is appreciated.

Neighborhoods vs. Community Areas

Unlike Chicago's official 77 community areas, neighborhood boundaries are loosely defined and tend to change over time.

If you’re looking for a map of Chicago’s community areas, check out Eric Rogers’ map.


This map was created by Kevin Zolkiewicz.